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The legal opinion for your yacht


There are lots of reasons, why a damage and its adjustment end at court. The estimate of costs was exceeded or the agreed services were not finished properly. Invoices were cutted without an indication of the reason or your opposite simply loves to wrangle. In many cases you can not do anything, but against some circumstances you can. If an extrajudical solution seems to be impossible, one possibility is the legal opinion, which can only be ordered through the court. You will not have any influence, how extensive this legal opinion will be. You also have no choice, who will work it out. All expertises outside of the court practice are private and are ordered from one of the opposing parties. With a private expertise, you may take the reins, but you can not conclude rights based to the result, except in the case, that the other side accepts the expertise. Therefore it is recommendable to involve the opposing party as soon as possible. You should check first with your lawyer, if it is recommendable to order a private expertise.

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