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Selling exposée for your yacht


If you are planning to sell or to buy a yacht from another person or through an agent, you should not disclaim to an exposé. If you possess a yacht of a very high value, an exposé helps you to achieve a very high prize. But also for small yachts an exposé helps to sell it for a better price. An exposé is helpful for yacht owners and agents, but also for yacht charter enterprises and shipyards. You should not underestimate the sells effect of an exposé. Your ship assessor, Teut Juncker, will work out a professional exposé for you, which contains all necessary elements and the valuation of your yacht in a comprehendible form. The positive aspects will be pointed out, without concealing the the faults of the yacht. Repaird faults will be documented with the corresponding invoices, no matter, if you need the exposée for your own use or for your business partner.

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