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If you are considering buying a boat or a yacht for sale, whether used or new, please contact us as competent advisers. Especially in the area of private vessels used to determine the actual value is essential. Depending on the condition of the vessel or boat of various factors on the heart and kidneys will take a close look, tried or reviewed in any other way. From optical inspection of an acoustic test as knock tests, an endoscopy and ultrasound to measure material thickness, dye penetrant to detect cracks, to wave impact measurements and many other studies, the object is examined targeted by you from us. Even if a ship has a very high value, this does not mean that the corresponding price expectations of the seller in the market can realistically be enforced. Moreover, the condition of the ship in general, the features and functionality of the device relevant to the valuation. If minor, repairable damage is detected by us, the cost for the buyer to be small. However, such defects reduce the price much. So you see before you decide to buy a boat or a yacht definitely should consult an expert for advice. Only then we can guarantee that you will be protected against bad surprises. The same evaluations done of course in the event that you want to sell your boat.

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Depending on the size of the boat consultations are to buy the yacht including site visit already realized from 350,00 including VAT. We believe in a personal consultation, which provides insightful information already in preliminary talks to purchase a boat.


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