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Average and damage assessment reports


Since many years we are cooperating neutrally and and absolutely reliable with reputed insurance companies. This gets extremely important, if, in case of a damage, the opinion of an expert for damage value assessments is needed. The fixing of the damage and the damage tax means to talk about your money. For the damage assessment we will average, with all our knowledge, the costs for maintenances, repairs, the replacement value and the possible depreciation. Sometimes the at least fixed damage may be much higher, that it seemed to be in the beginning. And some damages can only be found by an expert, as they are invisible on the first glance. By the way an expert will check the quality of the builds of the boat. As a result of all this investigations, we are able to present photos and documents in front of court. This report will content the approximate value of the damage, a list of possibly necessary maintenances and repairs and all further costs. We will investigate and keep records of the damage causes and will check recourses. In special cases, with your compliance, we will consult additionally material testers, laboratories or other specialists. Beside this steps we will plan repairs together with the shipyard of your choice and we will check the estimation of costs.

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