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Appraisial report of the value


The general opinion is, that a boat is worth as much as a customer is willing to pay for it. If you want to buy or to sell a boat, you should absolutely order an appraisial report about the value of the yacht to avoid financial losses. We compile appraisial reports after refits and maintenances and assess the current value of your boat or your yacht. The appraisial report for insurance use defines the current value to fix the insurance sum, therefore this report is interesting for insurance companies same as for customers. Our consultance service supports you also concerning insurance clauses and contract conditions considering all aspects like condition, function and security of the yacht or boat. Beside the calculation of all possible costs for maintenances, opportunities of depreciations and the adjustment of the insurance sums, we also appraise the condition and the equipment of the boat. Through our appraisial report you will get a realistical assessment of the value of your property.

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We are happy to answer all questions specific to the valuation of your boat to create the ideal report to meet your needs. We believe in a personal consultation, which the selection of appropriate valuations, on the use of different test methods to the analysis of extensive range of innovative technologies:


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