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Appraisial report of the Condition

shadow assesses in every place and at every time all types and sizes of yachts, yachts of your and motor boats. We calculate the current value for the owner of a charter yacht to define the value or to fix the necessity of maintenances and repairs. We will check every single building element to fix the costs of maintenances in advance and we will prepair the maintenance and the repair. If you wish to, we will take care of the whole maintenance processes until the return of the yacht or boat into your hands. Our tests include the check of all components of hulls (wood, metal or plastic), machine and drive systems, the bilge pump and the fire extinguishing systems, steering systems and bow thrusters, stabilizers, electrics and electronics and of rigging and sails. Before we return your yacht or boat, we will make drive tests under sails and motors by testing the efficiency of sails and maneuvers. We will return your property not till then we are not totally satisfied with the results.

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Depending on the size of the boat consultations are to buy the yacht including site visit already realized from 350,00 € including VAT.                   We believe in a personal consultation, which provides insightful information already in preliminary talks to purchase a boat.


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